Don't give up on oils! Learn about the benefits of hair oiling

9 in 10 women say that regular use of natural conditioning methods improves the condition and appearance of hair. Around 7 or 8 of them use hair oils in hair care. What's the secret?

Regardless of the method you pick, hair oiling is always an excellent choice. It has numerous assets which we should share with those who still haven’t decided to start hair oiling. Learn about the biggest pluses of this treatment.


The biggest advantage of hair oiling: it works for everyone. Oils are effective in case of all hair types, provided that you choose a suitable oil. All you need to do is determine your hair porosity (you can find many home methods online). Hair oils can deal with any hair type and any problem. They are even suitable for children and pregnant women.


An unquestioned asset of hair oiling is using all natural and safe method. Oils are extracted from plants that offer valuable healing and conditioning properties. Natural oils contain exclusively vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids (EFA). They are free from preservatives, artificial substances which enhance action, silicones, alcohols and other potentially dangerous ingredients.


There is no hair problem that cannot be solved with hair oiling. Natural hair oils are so excellent that they can be used in any case: thick or thin hair, for darkening or lightening, as a remedy for dandruff, hair loss or psoriasis, for colour-treated or damaged hair, before styling or after for shiny strands, for nourishment or better appearance. Oils provide a solution for any problem.


Any information about hair oiling is important. The most commonly mentioned asset of hair oiling is low cost. Natural hair oils are very cheap and efficient because you need a small amount to cover your hair. We can invest in an ordinary rapeseed oil or sunflower oil which cost less than a shampoo sample. Even better quality hair oils are inexpensive. Anyone can afford it.


Another advantage of natural oils is very easy application. You simply massage the oil in your hair and scalp, leave it for at least an hour and wash down with a mild shampoo. Sometimes, you don’t need to wash them down. There are three basic oiling methods which can be combined. The oil can be applied to wet or dry hair, before or after washing, to the entire length or some parts only. Hair oiling is the only treatment that allows you to choose between so many various methods of use.


It’s worth mentioning that hair oils can replace well-known cosmetics. They provide such a complex action that you can use them instead of three or more products. They can successfully replace hair conditioners, concentrated serum, heat protection products, intensive hair masks, products for hair ends protection or styling primers. All these qualities can be found in one product – oil.

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