Versatile re-constructor – hair oil Biolage Exquisite Oil from Matrix

You would have to dedicate a lot of time on search for oil based cosmetic suitable for not only hair, but also scalp (e.g. for massage). After all, mainly through strengthening of scalp and hair bulbs we can fully regenerate and nourish hair.

Most products from well known brands are dedicated for hair only and not on scalp. They contain alcohol and substances that maybe have clogging properties, that disrupt processes on the surface of skin. Fortunately, Biolage from Matrix has different action. Multiplicity of uses is surprising. It is part cosmetic, part drugstore product, in other words “mix” of various, not entirely natural substances, but can be used like natural, pure hair oil.

How can you use Matrix Biolage Exquisite?

1. Rub it in scalp and hair to strengthen hair bulbs and deeply regenerate (it can be done both before and after hair wash.

2. Apply on hair and scalp and leave over night to provide hair with whole night treatment.

3. Applied on dry hair helps with stylisation – hair gain gloss and beautiful appearance.

4. Add it to hair mask in order to enhance properties of the cosmetic.

5. Apply before hair wash as a hair mask – just leave it on hair for approximately 15 minutes.

6. Apply on still damp hair, after hair wash, so that raised cuticles could better absorb the oil.

7. …and really any time you want during the day (and night).

Matrix Biolage Exquisite contains natural oils of great quality and perfectly composed. They are everything hair need for regeneration and healthy appearance. In the composition of the product can be found moringa oil – unique oil with great detoxifying and protective properties. This oil consists of tocopherols, great for hair regeneration. Next is macadamia oil containing quite valuable acid from omega-7 group. It is extremely important for hair and scalp, due to its composition and construction being similar to human sebum. This way it regulates processes on the surface of the skin. Therefore, it means that oily scalp will stop producing excess sebum amounts and hair will gain right level of sebum and scalp will stop suffering from dryness. Argan oil protects hair against mechanical damages and hot air from blow dryer.

Matrix Biolage Exquisite has 92 ml/3.1 oz of volume of high quality product in an affordable price.